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Publicity - Bra-et Al Rouh

View actual details of the film in the 'Productions/Bra-et Al Rouh' page on this website.
BBC Reporting Scotland News, TV Broadcast (24th May 2012)
The Edinburgh Evening News, Newspaper (22nd May 2012)
Scottish Television, Online (15th May 2012), Online (22nd May 2012), Online (15th May 2012)
The Daily Record, Newspaper (22nd May 2012)
The Metro, Newspaper (22nd May 2012)
Yahoo Movies, Online (22nd May 2012)
Tumblring, Online (23rd May 2012)
Queen Margaret University, Online, July 2012
AFI World Peace Initiative, Winners (Cannes), 2012
Woods Hole Film Festival, Winners 2012
Vegas CineFest, Winners 2012

The Scotsman, Online, March 2013

Robert Welsh,
30 May 2015, 05:46