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The Scarlet Mantle (2005)

‘The Scarlet Mantle’ is the first in a triptych of short films based on fairy tales with dark overtones.  These are sub headed, ‘Grim Fairy Tales’.
The star is a six year old girl who plays Little Red Riding Hood.  The story is a familiar one; the little girl travels through the woods to her grandmother’s cottage and she meets a stranger in the woods.  However this is where the similarities end…

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The stranger in the woods is not a wolf, and this ominous stranger has very dark intentions indeed.  The little girl is chased through the woods by the stranger who is relentless in his pursuit.  However, things are not all they seem and the wolf is never too far away…

The story evolves to the accompanying poem, penned by the director, Robert A. Welsh.  This is a lavish tale of intrigue and horror, salivated over by a drool of dark humour.
This film has not yet been released as it is intended to form 'The Grim Fairy Tales', a compendium of shorts, which will include 'Hanselle & Gretel' and another short (not currently in production).

Starring                                Robert A Welsh


Writer                                   Robert A. Welsh


Costumes                             Rosalynn Campbell


Special Effects                     Robert A Welsh


Camera                                  David Affleck

                                               Robert A Welsh


Original verse                      Robert A Welsh


Editing                                  Robert A Welsh


Producer                               Robert A Welsh


Director                                 Robert A Welsh


Locations                             Irish American Heritage Park
                                               Irish Transport Museum
                                               Vogrie Estate, Midlothian
                                               Barnton, Edinburgh


Running time                       10 mins