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Gibran's Satan (1995)


 Robert A. Welsh as Father Samaan

Gibran's Satan
 was shot on location at the world famous Rosslyn Chapel and Rosslyn Castle, near Edinburgh in Scotland.

The story is a faithful adaptation of Kahlil Gibran's novella, Satan.  Father Samaan travels in North Lebanon, going from village to village curing people of their sins.  He is looked upon by the people of the village as their guide in the field of spiritual and theological matters.  In return for his advice and prayers they give him gifts of gold and silver.

That is, until one night he meets a dying man in a ditch.  The man tells Samaan that he is Satan and that he must be saved.  Samaan tells Satan that he will let him die and save the world from sin. 
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Satan tells Father Samaan that if all sin dies in the world then there is no more need for good.  Samaan learns that if he is to continue receiving gold and silver for the saving of souls then Satan must be allowed to survive.

The film also features many landscapes around Edinburgh, as well as Dirleton Castle in East Lothian.

Father Samaan preaches

Robert Welsh as Father Samaan

A 'Making Of...' documentary exists entitled, 
'Chaos' directed and shot by cameraman Tom Dee.

There are two versions of 'Gibran's Satan'; the original version has an original music score and longer dialogue.  The film was re-edited in 2002 with music obtained from the artist Peter Gabriel. This is the 'Director's Cut' version and it can be viewed in 'The Screening Room'

Director / Producer:       Walid Salhab
Star Actors:                     Robert A. Welsh
                                          Thomas Smith
                                          Ray Nixon
                                          Thea Montgomerie-Anderson

Narrator:                          Sandy Neilson

Camera:                           Tom Dee

Cinematography:           Walid Salhab


Sound Post:                   Colin MacNab

Boom Operator:            Alistair Thomson


Offline Editor:                 Brian English



Lighting Director:            Bill Annau

Lighting Assistant:         Robert Pern


Production Manager:     Sioux Sharp

Production assistant:     Laura Mathieson

Make-up:                         Charmaine Pearson


Wardrobe:                       Collete Valvona 


Andy Cooke, Norman Charmers, Adil Ibrahim, Saad Ibrahim, Lee Bryson, Adam Armit, Jim Walker, Hadley Court Singers & Paul Ferguson

Special Thanks to Peter Gabriel

Very Special Thanks to Historic Scotland, Rosslyn Chapel, Rosslyn Castle & Dirleton Castle


Behind The Scshot during filming at Rossyln Chapel