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If At First... (1998)

If At First... (A VERY Safe Sex Comedy)  (1998)
'If At First...' is a riotous comedy dealing in the farcical exploits of a nerdy young man who is on a night out at a club with his friends.
As the dancing begins our nerdy hero is approached by a beautiful woman who wants to have sex with him; much to the amazement of his friends.
The nerd buys a packet of three condoms and so begins his catalogue of disasters.  As he works his way through each condom in the packet he is taken from one hishap to another.
He encounters a wierd man in the toilet, a sex mad homeless man (with a rather large condom of his own), before eventually ending up at her parents house...  You know where it's going...!
Robert A. Welsh, who stars as the nerd, also wrote and co-produced this little gem of a film. 
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Robert A. Welsh & Helen Burns
The film was shown at the 1998 'Manchester Kino Film Festival' in the 'Best of Celtic Film Award' section, where it played alongside the Ewan McGregor award winning short film, 'Desserts'. 
In 1999 it also featured in Scotland's much loved and most successful music festival, 'T In The Park'.
Warning: The humour and language used in this film are of an adult nature.


Director:                                      Walid Salhab
Producers:                                   Robert A. Welsh
                                                      Walid Salhab
Writer:                                          Robert A. Welsh 
Star Actors:                                 Robert A. Welsh
                                                      Ray Smith
                                                      Helen Burns
                                                      Robert Robertson
                                                      Nicholas Stewart
                                                      Paul Meadows
                                                      Katie Borthwick
                                                      Steven Brown
                                                      Adam Wood
Director of Photography:         Gerard Lohan
Editing by:                                  Bill Annau
Production Management:        Rosalynn Campbell
Sound Department
Location Sound:                        Colin MacNab 
Sound Post:                                Paul Ferguson
Sound Assistant:                       David Anderson 

Robert A. Welsh and Helen Burns in 'If At First...'

Publicity Art for 'If At First...', Artist: Robert A. Welsh

Camera and Electrical Department
Camera operator:                  Tom Dee
Original Music:                     David Woollven
Jump Around                        House of Pain
Professional Widow            Tori Amos
Love Is The Drug                 Roxy Music
Stayin' Alive                          N-Trance
Make-up:                                Sherrin MacDonald
Lighting Assistant:               Gavin Christie
Technical information
Shooting format:     
Aspect Ratio:                          16:9
Sound Format:                         Dolby Stereo
Running Time:                         15 minutes
Languages:                               English