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Hanselle & Gretel (2010)

‘Hanselle and Gretel’ is the second part in the ‘Grim Fairy Tales’ series.  The first being 'The Scarlet Mantle'.

The traditional story of 'Hansel and Gretel' is a much loved tale, but on deeper reading one can see that this is a truly sinister children's bedtime story.  This vision of the classic tale takes the darkness to a new level of terror.
The film stars two nine year old girls as the titular heroines.  Hanselle (Chloe Thorburn) and Gretel (C. Campbell-Welsh) are out playing in the fields when they are chased into the woods by a swarm of flies. 


However, things in the woods are much more dangerous.  There they find a trail of sweets leading them away from the sunlight into the denseness that will soon envelop them and make them lose their way.

 They seek sanctuary in a small cottage covered in sweets and so they venture inside.  So begins an ordeal of terror for the youngsters, and one that will change their lives forever.

 Much darker than ‘The Scarlet Mantle’, ‘Hanselle and Gretel’ takes the children’s classic to a new level of horror; substituting the old witch for an axe-wielding, cannibalistic, maniac..
Similar to ‘The Scarlet Mantle’, this film also evolves to an accompanying poem, penned by the director, Robert A. Welsh. 

This film has not yet been released as it is intended to form 'The Grim Fairy Tales', a compendium of shorts, which will include 'The Scarlet Mantlel' and another short (not currently in production).

Directed                               Robert A.Welsh


Produced                             Robert A.Welsh


Starring                                C. Campbell-Welsh

                                              Chloe Thorburn

                                              Robert A. Welsh

                                              Danny White


Original Verse                     Robert A.Welsh


Camera                                 Rosalynn Campbell

                                              Chloe Thorburn

                                              Robert A.Welsh


Edited                                  Robert A.Welsh


Sound Remix                      Robert A.Welsh


Locations                           Melville Castle, Midlothian

                                             Cammo Estate, Edinburgh

                                             Vogrie Estate, Midlothian


Date of Completion           2010


Running Time                    15 mins (full version)

                                             2.5 mins (short version)