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Avaritia (2015)

'Avaritia' is our new award winning short film. 

The film premiered at the prestigious 'Cannes Film Festival', 13th to 24 May 2015.

Avaritia Poster

'Avaritia' Poster Art

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  Robert A. Welsh and Amy Sawyers in 'Avaritia'.

Robert A. Welsh and Sarah Elizabeth Mills in 'Avaritia'.

Still From Avaritia

Still from Avaritia

'Avaritia' is a homage to the classic silent movies of the 1920.  It tells the story of a powerful man trapped in a world of his own choosing. Obsessed by money he has been corrupted by the banking institutions he works for. He is alone and without love, but one day he meets the girl he chooses to be his companion... 

A unique blend of stop-motion and live action, 'Avaritia' is made up of over 9,000 individual photographs to form a haunting and surreal, but ultimately beautiful depiction of love and greed. Filmed over a two year period and set to a beautiful piano score by composer, Jennifer Austin, 'Avaritia' is like nothing you have seen before.
The film is a metaphor for the two opposing worlds of Capitalism and Commercialism.  It shows how these institutions cannot exist together as one entity, but as a couple they need each other to survive.

Sarah Elizabeth Mills
(photo protected by copyright:

Introducing: The Face Of Edinburgh, 2013

Sarah is an Edinburgh based model who has achieved national acclaim by winning the 2013 'Face of Edinburgh' award.  She also came 1st runner up in the 2013 'Face of Scotland' award.  Not content with that, she reached the finals of 'Miss International UK' and 'Miss Intercontinental Scotland' competitions and is now up against the best for 'Top Runway Model of the Year' and 'Best Female Pageant Winner of the Year'.

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Best Shorts Competition Winner

Leading Actor: Robert A. Welsh

Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival SFC

Still From Avaritia

For more information read the recent media articles via the links at the foot of this page:- 

Director:                                Walid Salhab
Producers:                             Robert A. Welsh
                                                Walid Salhab
                                                Rosalynn Campbell
Writer:                                    Walid Salhab
Star Actors:                           Robert A. Welsh
                                                Sarah Elizabeth Mills
                                                Amy Sawyers

Cinematography by:            Walid Salhab


Film Editing by:                     Walid Salhab


Production Office

Production Manager:           Rosalynn Campbell


Publicity / Press:                   Rosalynn Campbell


1st Unit AD:                          Michael Grant

2nd Unit AD:                         Ondrej Lodes

                                                 Marcin Walczak


Camera and Electrical Department


Camera operator:                   Walid Salhab


1st Unit Camera Assist:        Robert A. Welsh

                                                 Rosalynn Campbell


Lighting                                  Bill Annau

Animators:                             Carina Campbell-Welsh

                                                 Liisa Ahonen

                                                 Michael Korzonek


Piano Music Composed

and Performed by:                Jennifer Austin

Sound Post Production:      Bart Slight

Sound Recording:                Mike Guest

Dance and Movement

Choreography:                     Robert A. Welsh

Art Design:                           Robert A. Welsh

Motion Tracking/Mask:     Greg McGraw

Dance Co-ordinator:           Agata Jagodzinska

Special Thanks to:               Zoe Redhead

                                                Lloyd's Banking Group

                                                Mike Guest

                                                George Theurer

                                                Jenners / House of Fraser  (Edinburgh)

                                                Queen Margaret University (Edinburgh)

Filming in sub-zero temperatures in Edinburgh (Winter 2013)

Technical information


Shooting format:    HD SLR

Camera:                   Canon Digital SLR Camera 5D Mark III


Photographs taken:                        27,000

Photographs used in final cut:     9,000

Aspect Ratio:         16:9


Sound Format:       Dolby Stereo


Running Time:       7 minutes


Languages:             Silent

Cast and Crew - On the set of 'Avaritia'

(Princes Street, Edinburgh, Christmas 2013)

Publicity Image for Avaritia

Robert A. Welsh as the powerful banker, Adam,

in a publicity image from 'Avaritia'.

After the shoot that evening.

For More Information:  see also Publicity

Terrestrial Television Broadcast (Interviews)-

The Fountainbridge Show, STV Edinburgh (May 2015)

STV News (May 2015)
Robert Welsh,
30 May 2015, 05:45