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Al Kalib (2008)


‘Al Kalib' is a black comedy, which preys on the inherent fears many people in the West have against people from the Middle East.   


Mr. Brennan (Robert A. Welsh), a smart but secretive man, is called to the home of Mr. Sayedi (Hassan Naama), a powerful and ominous man from Lebanon.  Mr Sayedi has something very troubling to discuss with Mr. Brennan; that a friend is a dangerous man.  


As the story unfolds, Mr. Brennan finds himself unwittingly drawn deeper and deeper under Mr. Sayedi’s intense scrutiny.  His increasing nervousness is made worse when Mr. Sayedi’s wife (Samantha Russell) secretly passes him a note; written in lipstick with her phone number and a kiss.  Mr. Brennan is not sure whether this has been seen by Mr. Sayedi, who just stares at him with a look that could kill.  Mr. Brennan is extremely anxious to get away from the tense situation.  Suddenly, things take a turn for the worse when the dog does the toilet on the rug.



The story is based on true events, and the writing cleverly creates distraction so the climax is completely unexpected.
In 2008 'Al Kalib' was shortlisted in 'The Jim Poole Short Film Awards'.  This is a prestigious ceremony which celebrates the best Scottish short films made in that year. 
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Director:                          Walid Salhab
Writer:                             Robert A. Welsh
Star Actors:                    Robert A. Welsh
                                         Hassan Naama
                                         Samantha Russell
                                         Rollo Annau 
Production Management
Producer:                        Walid Salhab
Assistant Producer:      Rosalynn Campbell
Post Production:           Walid Salhab
1st AD:                           Alexander Harris
                                         Sean Salhab
Film Editing by:             Walid Salhab
Sound Department
Location Sound:            Bill Annau
Sound Editor:                 Walid Salhab
Camera and Electrical Department
Camera operator:            Bill Annau

Visual Effects:                Walid Salhab

Models:                           Robert A. Welsh
Computer Playback:      John Donaldson
                                         Sean Salhab
Dog Trainer:                   Sara Annau
Art Direction:                 Carina Campbell-Welsh
Music:                             Atmosphere
Technical information
Shooting format:            DVPro HD
Camera:                            AG-HVX200
Aspect Ratio:                 16:9
Sound Format:                Dolby Stereo
Running Time:                9 minutes
Languages:                      English / Arabic
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