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Press Release January 2013

Press Release -  'Avaritia' Trailer – (released)


ONE MILLION YouTube hits for ‘Kinetic Edinburgh II’ had Director, Walid Salhab celebrating on New Year’s Eve.  “I only uploaded this onto YouTube a few days before; and I had already received a few hits but on Hogmanay the viewing counter suddenly went mad.  I couldn’t believe that so many people were watching my footage.  If I had one pound for every viewing I would be a millionaire and could more than afford to finance my next film.”


‘Kinetic Edinburgh II’ is Edinburgh, Director Walid’s unique footage of Christmas in Edinburgh.  It was part of a series of test shots, including the original ‘Kinetic Edinburgh’ that Walid used to research his new ground-breaking technique for the new trailer for his latest short film ‘Avaritia’.      


‘Avaritia’ tells the story of a man trapped in a world of his own making and choosing.  Obsessed by money, he has been corrupted by the banking institutions he works for.  He is alone and continually searching for a companion to join him.  When he sees a chance to possess a woman and make her his own things start to go awry.


Walid has developed the new technique, which is a mix of time-lapse photography and stop-motion film but using the medium of live action.  Walid says, “I am very excited by the results that we have been achieving from this new technique.  Although stop-motion has been done many times before this adds a completely new dimension in that although we are using actors the camera does not remain static and I can move with the actors and pan across the set.”  The new process does not need to use any equipment other than the camera itself and requires only a skilled eye to create the breath-taking images.


Walid and his partners, Robert Welsh and Ros Campbell have already had a very successful past year with their short film ‘Bra-et Al Rouh’ which was premièred in May at the Cannes Marche du Film.  The film which starred six year old Edinburgh schoolgirl, Katherine Abuaglain went onto win six awards worldwide including Best Short Film and Best Actress.


Co-Producer, Robert Welsh says, “Walid’s vision for ‘Avaritia’ has produced a unique, surreal look.  The blend of day to night used in the trailer together with the stop-motion and the live action combine to create some of the most breath-taking shots I have ever seen.  It truly is pioneering film-making.” Each shot takes at least half an hour to complete and the longest shot in the trailer, whereby the banker walks along Princes Street as day becomes night took two and a half hours in sub-zero temperatures for the one shot. 


‘Avaritia’s theme deals with corruption within the banking industry and Walid and Robert believe that ‘Avaritia’s’ message is reflected in their attitude towards how they produce films, in that they want to show that huge budgets are not always the key to success. 

 “Film-making is traditionally an expensive process and I wanted to show that money need not be a barrier towards creativity and imagination.  I have never received any external funding for my projects and although that means that I have no money to pay my actors or crew it does mean that what I achieve, I have achieved without the bureaucracy of funding organisations being involved,” says Walid.  “It does however curtail what is actually possible given the limits of us self-financing our own projects,” adds Robert.


Walid currently lectures in Media Practice at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh.  He uses the research he does for his films to feed back into his lectures and help his students.


The trailer for ‘Avaritia’ will be released on on Tuesday 8th January 2013.             (

The short film itself is currently in production and is due to be released in 2013.


Any further information can be obtained from;

Ros Campbell, Film Publicist on 07754 010518