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Originally established in 1995 to promote artists and their artwork, The Carmilla Corporation still has an interest in artists but this aspect is dormant at present to focus attention to our film-making interest, 'Carmilla Corporation Pictures'.
We started producing short films in 1998 and have been busy on many various projects ever since. 
To date we have produced six short films and assisted on many more.  Our founder, Robert A. Welsh has also acted in and scripted other films. 

More information on our art interests to follow in due course...
Robert Welsh at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival Red Carpet

Robert A. Welsh on the red carpet at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, May 2015

For more information on 'Carmilla Corporation Pictures' or Robert A. Welsh, visit our dedicated Web Page:
We are always looking for new ventures, and good ideas with the potential to make into films.
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