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We are award-winning, low budget and self-financed film makers based in Midlothian, Scotland.

We have been involved in film making for over 20 years. We have been involved with 15 short films, most of which have received critical acclaim in the following film and music festivals:


1. New Hope Film Festival
2. Woods Hole Film Festival (in competition)
3. Busho, Budapest Short Film Festival (in competition)


1. Cannes Film Festival, Short Film Corner
2. Best Shorts, (Award of Excellence)
3. IndieFest Film Awards (Award of Merit, Leading Actor: Robert A. Welsh)


1. Travelling Film Festival, France (Winner)


1. Best Shorts, (Award of Merit)
2. IndieFest Film Awards, (Award of Merit)
3. Artisan Festival International, World Cinema Initiative (Cannes & The Hamptons) (Winner)
4. Woods Hole Film Festival (Runner Up)
5. Vegas Cine Fest (Runner Up)
6. New Horizon International Film Festival, Tehran
7. Edinburgh International Festival of Middle Eastern Spirituality and Peace
8. Write, Shoot, Cut


1. The Jim Poole Short Film Awards 


1. T-In-The-Park Music Festival

Pre 1999

1. The London Film Festival
2. The Manchester Kino Film Festival
4. The Edinburgh Streetwise Film Festival


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 Bra-et Al Rouh - Poster Art

Poster art for our multi-award winning film: 
'Bra-et Al Rouh'

Avaritia Poster

Poster art for our new award-winning production: 'Avaritia'


 Poster Art

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The Screening Room

Watch some of our productions in the Screening Room

Robert Welsh, Best Actor Gold Statuette, Avaritia

Robert A. Welsh with the gold statuette he won for his acting in Avaritia

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